Our Team
Delfina Paramita G.G-Adamas Gemological Laboratory
DELFINA PARAMITA is Deputy Head of Adamas Gemological Laboratory who graduated from GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of AMERICA ( Thailand Campus ) in GEMOLOGY and JEWELRY DESIGN in 2003. She is also a Jewelry Design and Counter Sketching Instructor at INSTITUTE GEMOLOGY PARAMITA. During her spare time, she designs Jewelries for friends.
Grace Herosali- Graduate Gemologist (GIA America)
GRACE HEROSALI is Gemologist who graduated from GIA (Gemological Institute of America)and IGP(Institute Gemology Paramita)in 1997.She has spent many years at Adamas Gemological Laboratory doing Gem Identification and Grading Diamonds as Laboratory Analyst.She also a Senior Laboratory analyst and head of Adamas Gemological Laboratory of Indonesia with experience more than 20 years.
Leticia Paramita G.G-Head Of Education
LETICIA PARAMITA is Deputy Head of Institute Gemology Paramita who graduated from GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of AMERICA ( Thailand Campus ) in 2003 and ASIAN INSTITUTE of GEMOLOGICAL SCIENCE ( 2003 ). She has strong background as Gemologist and Jewelry Designer as well. Instructor for Colorstones, Diamond Grading, Gem Identification, Counter Sketching and Jewelry Design at INSTITUTE GEMOLOGY PARAMITA. She also work as a freelancer at Adamas Gemological Paramita.
Mahardi Paramita G.G(+) -Founder
The late of Mr. Mahardi Paramita are founder of both Institute Gemology Paramita and Adamas Gem Lab of Indonesia graduated from THE UNIVERSITY of HAWAII ( Honolulu 1969 ) in Business Administration. Graduated from GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of AMERICA ( Santa Monica ) in 1981. Many years had been spents as Diamond and Gemstones Trader and Supplier.He dedicated all his life to promote Gemology and Helping people in The Jewelry Industry by providing useful informations on Gemstones and Diamond Treatments through Adamas Gem Lab the First and only independent Gem Lab in Jakarta, Indonesia. He also conduct short Seminars and Workshop about Diamond and Colorstones. He's the pioner and one and only man that build a diamond school in Indonesia. Then he continued to open Colorstones/Gemstones school in Jakarta, Indonesia. Gemstones including Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Emerald, etc and wrote First Full Color Colorstone Book in Indonesian language "Kemilau Batu Permata" (Juni 2008) dan "Panduan Lengkap Menilai Berlian" (2008), " Mengulas tuntas Ruby Sapphire beserta tiruannya "
Paramita Indah Oktafiani, S.Pd
Paramita Indah Oktafiani is graduated from Semarang State University major in Physics Department in 2009. She has been finished her study in Institute Gemology Paramita (IGP) and Gemological Institute of America in 2012. Right now Paramita is working in Adamas Gemological Laboratory as Laboratory Analyst.
Sumarni Paramita G.G, AIGS,IGI (Senior Consultant)
SUMARNI PARAMITA is Director of Adamas Gemological Laboratory or Adamas Gem Lab in Jakarta, Indonesia who graduated from GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of AMERICA ( Thailand Campus ) and from ASIAN INSTITUTE of GEMOLOGICAL SCIENCE ( A.I.G.S ) Thailand in 1995 who started as Assistant Gemologist Upon Graduation. She spent many years doing Gem Identification and Diamond Grading. She also Certified as Rough Diamond Grader.To broaden her knowledge she participated in many Gemstones and Gemological Seminars Abroad. She has dedicated more than 20 years in Gemology.She also one of the uthor for the books "Kemilau batu permata (2008), Pedoman lengkap cara menilai berlian" (2008), Mengulas tuntas Ruby sapphire dan tiruannya" (2010), and "Panduan lengkap A-Z batu permata (2013)"