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Date : 10-05-2008

Most women will surely love diamond jewelry or colorstones. For other diamond jewelry lovers we from Adamas Gemological Laboratory and Institute Gemology Paramita serve the public in issuing. Lab reports for certification of both diamonds and colorstones. Our Institute conduct short courses for diamonds, colorstones, pearl, jewelry design and basic jewelry making.

Buying diamonds or colorstones is not as easy as we can imagine. We have the right to know what kind of quality product we are buying. Not the same case we are buying a brand new car like a jaguar. We can see the different product easily but if we buy diamond the case is really different. We pay the price of a new type jaguar but we get the quality of a Toyota kijang old type.

In choosing and buying diamond or colorstone jewelries the case is absolutely different from buying a car. We need to have some knowledge and be very prudent to avoid wrong buying and regret it later.

Diamonds and colorstones are very good long term investement in form of portable wealth that can be worn to party or reception. It is not possible for us to bring other form of investments such as properties, stocks to party.

Please consider some important factors before buying for investment :
Color -> Choose good color for diamonds and colorstones
Clarity -> inclusions for colorstones and cleanish for diamonds
Cut -> Good Proportion
Carat -> Weight or size of stones
Certificate -> Report about quality issued by independent gem laboratory
Confidence -> Confidence in buying the right quality product and having confidence in integrity of sellers

It is a real joy and satisfaction for buyer knowing that they are buying the right quality product at the right price.

To get clear idea about diamonds or colorstones all jewelry lovers can enroll in short courses conducted by Institute Gemology Paramita for 10x session, 3x a week @ 3 hours per session for young or old and jewelry lovers.

For those already have diamonds or colorstones om their possession Adamas Gemological Laboratory provide services such as Gem Identification, Diamond Report to have them recheck for any treatment or confirmation whether it is natural or synthetic. Come join us for seminars or courses.