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Gemstone or Diamond Buying Tip
Date : 14-01-2008

Learning about these factors we have to spending time in the market place by looking, listening, and asking questions before to get what you really want at a fair price. Try to learn as much as you can about the gem or diamond you want to buy.

Some questions to ask yourself before considering buying:
- Is it the color that you desire?.
- Is it the shape that you want?
- Doest it have livelyness or brilliancy?
- Is it natural, synthetic or treatment?

Gems should never be bought carelessly or some kind of a gambling. You better buy with some knowledge. Begin to develop an eye of what constitutes a fine gems by learning, working, listening, and asking good relevant questions to the experts.

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Contributor :Sumarni Paramita G.G (Gemologist) Director of Adamas Gemological Laboratory