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What Must You Know Before Cleaning Your Dirty Gemstones or Jewelries?
Date : 17-01-2008

Although cleaning gemstones sound simple and easy, lots of precautions should be taken before doing it because that might ruin your precious and valuable gemstones for sure. Frustration and disappointment have been experienced by many gemstones and jewelry owners due to lack of sufficient information regarding cleaning them properly.

1.  Make sure what types of gemstones you have. Certain species of gemstones are so fragile and easily affected by heat or chemical. solutions
2.  Are they natural or synthetic gemstones?
3.  Are there some kind of clarity or color enhanced to the gemstone?
4.  Are they free from flaws or heavily to included inside?
Once you know about what kind of gemstones you have then you have several options to clean them.
One method consider the safest, easiest, and cheapest cleaning method is to put your gemstones or jewelry in a bowl of hot or lukewarm (not boiling) water with some liquid detergent added.(Figure 1)
  Figure 1 Figure 2  
Soak and leave them for about 30 minutes(figure 2). Slowly and gently brush them with eyebrows brush or baby tooth brush.(figure 3)
  Figure 3 Figure 4  
Rinse them in another bowl of water. Take them out and check for missing stones if there is any before throwing away the dirty water in the sink which might have the missing stone inside. You can then dry them with hairdryer at low temperature. All other methods, please ask the experts or you may have to avoid using such as ultrasonic cleaners even on diamonds since some of them may have undergone clarity enhancement.

Mahardi Paramita G.G (Gemologist)
Founders of Institute Gemology Paramita
And Adamas Gemological Laboratory
Photo taken : Adamas Gemological Laboratory