Launching Buku Panduan Lengkap A-Z Batu Permata : Mengenali Proses, Ciri, dan Sifat Batu Permata; Membedakan Imitasi dan Sintetis; Tips Membeli, Merawat & Mengoleksi


This book was written by a gem expert, Sumarni Paramita, with more than 20 years experience in Gemological industry. She is currently widely recognized by many gemstone lovers. After doing some substantial research, she dedicated her knowledge and experience to this book, which was launched on May 31, 2013. The book launching event was celebrated together with AGL 30th anniversary

This particular book is very essential for those people who want to know the details about gemstones. It covers a lot of issues regarding the process, characteristics, and properties of gemstones. This book also accompanied by many important case studies and beautiful images. There are also some tips to identify the differences between imitation and synthetic stones. It also covers some tips on buying, caring, and collecting gemstones. This book is very useful for beginners and gemstones' collectors all around the word.