Basic Jewelry making and Manufacturing Class.....NEW

Do you want to try our fun and very knowledgeable New Jewelry making class ???

Basic knowledge to make jewelry, including soldering and stone setting. You will learn how to make silver jewelry such as filling, soldering, sizing, setting stone (bezel and prong setting). You will be introduced what tools are used and will work with safety to bring out your creativity become reality.

From scratch to real piece for you own personal use. You will gain fundamental jewelry making and basic stone setting. All materials and necessary tools will be provided during the class (including silver sheet and wire). You will be able to bring home your own creation.

Our trainer Mr Alexander Purnomo, BE & BCs graduates from Jewellery Making Diploma at Le Arti Orafe, Florence - Italy with years of experience in Jewelry Making and stone Setting.

Class length 2 session (6 hours)
Every Saturday (special date) ... August, 2008
Prerequisites : None
Course Fee including material, tools, coffee break and lunch

Class limited for 4 person only

More info : Lina/Leticia 021 6305547

Comments from participants :
  • Okkeu Rachmat Solichin, Reny Feby Jewelry(Jewelry Manufacturer)
    I joined Jewelry Making Class at IGP because I am really interested with the subject. I really need to know about the skill as a professional from scratch instead of just depending on autodidact knowledge of my workers. In my opinion this class is really good because so far in Indonesia thereís no Jewelry Making class such as this that provide knowledge professionally. I think this class is very useful because I now at least can have better two way communications with my workers and also increase my business value by doing better Quality Control in my company products.
  • Muray, Reny Feby Jewelry, Quality Controller
    I joined this class in order to gain more knowledge in Jewelry Making. This course is really good because I know more about my strength and weakness in my daily works. I reap so much benefits by enrolling in that class and it is very useful for my own development by getting up to date knowledge which I can applied at the workshop.
  • Joshua Sujasin, Retailer, Tara Jewel
    I join jewelry making class because I want to know more in details about steps in making a jewelry. I think this class is very interesting where every student have their own chance to make a piece of jewelry with trainerís assistance. I gain new knowledge for sure and weíre able to understand in details about many things that we need in making a jewelry and also their difficulties when taking orders. Now at least I can estimate how much time is required for a jewelry maker to produce a piece of jewelry as requested.