Doublet cat's eye gemstone (Assembled)
(Date : 08-01-2010)

  This gemstone known as Cat's Eye which have a sharp line and good lustre.
Some of this kind of stone been processed become doublet or attached top and bottom (two stones join together)
From the top if not carefully seeing this stone just looks like normal Cat's Eye stone,expecially when it's mounting.
Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, Cat's Eye Quartz and any other gemstone who have Cat's Eye phenomena including natural stone, synthetic or maybe glass Cat's Eye is suitable to be make doublet process.
  From the bottom of this stone we can see the thin slice of other material which is join together.
Doublet consist of two pieces of material fused or cemented together to obtain larger stone from two smaller pieces and to produce stone to have better appearance for the purpose of deception.

Photo and Article by AGL GEMOLOGIST TEAM

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