Apartemen Istana Harmoni, Lantai Dasar unit 1-G
Komplek Perkantoran Plaza Harmoni
Jl Suryopranoto, Jakarta Pusat

Name : Fransiska Wulansari, GM PT. Laksmi Hutama Dewata,
Date : 22-05-2017
Testimonial :
Name : Kartini, PNS Industri Kerajinan Jakarta, 29 Tahun
Date : 13-01-2014
Testimonial :
Study in IGP will not be forgotten for me. In addition to the duty of the State to learn more about the precious stones, IGP also taught me about knowing the original precious stones and synthetic that existed in the market of International & Indonesia. Endorsed by teachers who are very experienced in the field of Gemology, the material presented is also very organized because delivered gradually as well as easily understood, the system of teaching is also very easy to understand because prefer the 80% practice and 20% Theory. Talking about class facilities, on-site classroom is very adequate. Therefore, the study in the IGP is great my heart. And I plan to take a more courses at IGP. IGP IS THE BEST!!! Go ahead and more success.
Name : Magdalena Bira, Jewelry Design Class, Poland
Date : 23-12-2013
Testimonial :
I know about IGP from my friend. I am interested to follow class Jewelry Design because I want to learn how to design jewelry, train yourself to develop the technique of drawing and painting jewelry that are helpful in communicating design ideas in the form of an image, that is clear and easy to understand by the makers of jewelry or customers. In addition to teaching is easy to understand, the IGP is also supported by a very professional teachers in the field of Gemology. And it comes with tools that greatly support the activities and learning. Study on the IGP very satisfying.