How to check my diamond in AGL?
To check your diamond, you can bring your diamond to our laboratory so we can examine it and take your diamond on the same day. Test results will be in the form of memo or certificate.
What is the difference between a memo with a certificate?
The content of certificate is presented in greater detail and each certificate is ALWAYS accompanied by a photograph of the stone. For memos and certificates sample can be viewed in our website
How to check my emerald in AGL?
To check your emerald, it will be better if you bring your emerald in the condition apart or loose from its mounting thus we can examine it accurately.
Can I check my emerald in AGL without removing the emerald from its mounting?
If the emerald is tightly closed or we found any suspicion, we will ask to be removed from its mounting. If there is no suspicion, then it can be examined without removing it from its mounting.
Can AGL check my diamond/ colorstone if they are still on the mountings?
For diamond: If you want to certificate your diamond, it should be in form of loose stone. But if it’s not, the certificate with a photo or memo still can be made.
For colorstones: types of colorstones such as Ruby, Sapphire should be in form of loose stone for the accuracy of detecting a specific treatment and synthetic as well.
I get red stone from my brother. How if I want to check it?
You can bring it to our laboratory for the examination or certification, because there are many gemstone species that are red such as red ruby / ruby, spinel, garnet, tourmaline, etc.
How if I want to know whether AGL had issued the certificate that I have?
You can check in our website: and then click report check. Enter the certificate’s code or memo and insert the weight also. If there is your gem’s certificate or memo in our website, to ensure the gem and the certificate is still the same, the gem must be brought back to us for the re-check process.
Is the certificate issued by AGL can be acknowledge internationally? For example if I bring the certificate abroad, is it recognized out there as well?
In certification process we use international standards and refer to the international provisions and AGL is an independent laboratory that only provides certification service without any trade factor. Some lab abroad that uses international standards usually accepts results of our lab where each test result using English language. And we also examine the gems using advance instrument with the most recent technology.
Why to check a gemstone takes a long time?
Because it depend on the difficulty level of examination, queuing condition, not only customer but also instrument queuing. And for the gem that are still on its mounting (either on rings, earrings, etc) sometimes it takes time to remove it from its mounting. Above all, our examination emphasized on accuracy and precision.
Is the gemstone that has been removed from its mounting can be placed back in AGL?
Sorry, but we can’t. We only help you to remove the gem from its mounting but we can’t replace it back. It will be better if you bring the gem in the form of loose stone before we examine it.
May I know the operational hours of AGL?
We are open from Monday to Friday at 10.00am to 03.00 pm
Could I take my gemstone on the next day after I left it?
Sorry, we can’t. The gems have to be taken back on the same day. We can’t keep any customer/your gemstone in any circumstances.
I want to take the courses, is there any requirement that I should meet?
At our institute there are several classes available for you to join. The classes are designed to customize to your interests, such Diamond Grading classes for those of you, who are interested in diamond business or enthusiast about diamond.
You can also choose the design classes to build your creativity or to have a lot of knowledge about designing a piece of Jewelry.
There are Diamond Grading Class, Colorstone Class, Jewelry Design class, etc. For more info about classes please check our website at
Which class would be better for beginner like me?
You can join basic class of Colorstone or Diamond which is classes that designed specifically to discuss on how to choose qualified diamond or colorstone.
What is the difference between Counter Sketching and Jewelry Design?
Jewelry design class specifically study how to design jewelry and expressing the idea through beautiful color and interesting detailed drawing result. Besides, jewelry design class is designed to develop skills in painting and drawing jewelry clearly, so you could avoid communication errors in the making process.

Meanwhile Counter Sketching learning about how to illustrate customer desires using technique of free hand and quick drawing. This class emphasized systematic and fast drawing technique.
I can’t draw but I have interest in jewelry. Which one would be better for me? Counter Sketching class or Jewelry Design class?
Both classes are basically the same. You will be taught by systematic method so you can easily learn how to design in fun way; it’s just the duration of jewelry design class take time little longer and has more detailed study material.

However, actually both classes will guide you to learn how to design step by step, so at the end of the class you are expected to be able designing with free hand technique with detail result.
Could I sell gemstone in AGL/ IGP?
AGL is the first and only independent examination laboratory of Gems and Diamonds so we just only provide Private Consultation, Memo and Certification service. IGP only provide service which is related to Education.
How long would it take if I want to learn about diamond?
You can take regular or intensive class. Regular class will need approximately 3 weeks, and intensive class needs max 5 days.
I am still a beginner in gemstones such as Ruby and Sapphire. Could I just learn about Ruby and Sapphire?
Sure you can. We have special courses for Ruby and Sapphire so you can learn about both of the gems and how to distinguish between synthetic and its treatment.
Is there any age limit to join classes in IGP?
There is no age limit for joining the classes in IGP as long have willingness to learn. Our trainer team will help students to develop their skills. Our students’ age are varied from 15-75 years old.
Could I join classes in IGP if I have minus or cylinder with my eyes?
There is no restriction for people who have minus cylinder to take the courses in IGP. We will help you to focus and you will have an ability to know what you should know to grade or to examine the stone because you will have trained eyes after the class.
I want to take basic course. Is it enough for me if I just only take basic course? What is the difference with the other classes that aren’t basic classes?
Basic classes are the classes with only one meeting for 3 hours. These classes are provided to learn the intricacies and characteristics of the stone or Diamond in general and learn "How to buy or how to sell". The Basic Class will only covers a thin layer of the intensive classes.
Will I be taught to design the form of jewelry, especially jewelry with Gold material in Jewelry Design class?
Jewelry Design covers the design of gold, gemstone and all design related to jewelry, but not the way of making jewelry. You will be taught how to make jewelry in Basic Jewelry Making class. Jewelry design focus on diamond and colorstone based - design with the mounting of metal.
Will I be able to open Gem Lab also after I graduated from IGP?
Opening the lab itself is everyone's rights, but the most important thing you have to build your credibility and integrity for the society. For example : AGL itself has been established since 1983. Since then until now we always try to give the best to public so we can always keep our integrity and credibility.