Gemstones Testing Center
(Date : 11-08-2016)
Adamas Gemological Laboratory of Indonesia has highly experienced for many years and is using equipped with world most wanted instruments. We offering gem testing service include :
  • Distinguishing natural, synthetic, and imitation gemstones
  • Analyzing the enhancement methods of gemstones
  • Distinguishing natural, synthetic and imitation diamonds
  • Identifying Diamond treatments
  • Determining Gemstones country of origin especially for Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds
  • Identifying the variety of Jadeite type and the treatment applied
  • Etc

Gemological Instruments that we used in the laboratory

Basic Instruments

Refractometer , Polariscope, Gemological Stereo Microscope, Specific Gravity Balance, UV Light, Spectroscope, Thermal Conductivity Meter, Chelsea Filter, Dichroscope, Fiber Optic Light, Leveridge Gauge, Diamond Colorimeter, Diamondlite, Specific Gravity Liquid, Conductor Meter, Polarize Filter, etc. Are applied as basic instruments in order to examine the physical, characteristic and optical properties of the gemstone


Advanced Instruments

These instruments are used for analyzing spectroscopic of the gemstones. These instruments are used in the world's leading gem testing laboratories. The final result is based on the deliberation from information the following instruments :
1) Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR)
  • Distinguishing between synthetic and natural gemstones
  • Analyzing quality enhancement of gemstone such as jadeite - jade with polymer impregnation, and analyzing emerald with treatment
  • Analyzing heat treatment
  • Analyzing of gemstones
  • Etc

2) UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer
  • Analyzing heat treatment on ruby and sapphire
  • Distinguishing between synthetic and natural gemstones
  • Determining country of origin of gemstones
  • Analyzing authenticity diamond color
  • Etc

3) DiamondView
  • Distinguish natural and synthetic diamond
  • Etc

4) Diavision Proportion Meter
  • Measuring proportion of cut diamond

5) Diamond Sure
  • Analyzing diamond and the color

6) SYNTHdetect

SYNTHdetect is the equipment for screening and detection instruments for testing diamonds in mounted jewellery and loose and melee size of diamond

Using the principle photoluminescence it is very usefull for distinguish natural or synthetic diamond

7) Raman Spectroscopy
  • Analyzing mineral inclusion in the gemstone to help in determine geographical origin country for specific gemstone
  • Distinguish the type of gemstone
  • Analyzing enhancement process for the specific gemstone

8) DiamondPlus
  Compact screening device intended for use in all locations where polished diamonds are handled. Its primary purpose is to screen for type II high-pressure-high-temperature (HPHT) treated natural diamonds. It can also separate out some synthetic categories and will refer all irradiated diamonds.With the sample immersed in liquid-nitrogen

9) Diamond Testing and Screening Machine
  Distinguish Natural, Synthetic CVD Diamond, and HPHT Synthetic Diamond

10) Gemmoraman 532 SG
  • Analyzing Irradiation for diamond
  • Detecting treatment for gemstone
  • For Identify synthetic diamond CVD and HPHT

11) EXA
  The use of advanced spectroscopy for screening natural and synthetic diamonds by alogarithms pattern and also to detect luminescence patterns in natural diamond, synthetic CVD and HPHT diamond, as well as diamond simulants

12) Gemetrix
  The PL-Inspector (Photoluminescence Inspector) that allows observation of fluorescence and phosphorescence from Short-Wave (SW) and Long-Wave (LW) Ultra-Violet illumination. These observations are useful to determine whether one diamond or gem is synthetic or treated

13) GIA iD 100
  GIA iD 100 is an equipment used to identify loose or mounted diamond, as well as natural, synthetic or simulants

Gemstone Identification Memo

Gemstone Identification Memo indicates result of test, weight of the stones, proportion, and important brief description of the gemstone. The test will be done by at least 3 gemologist. This Identification memo come along with sealed plastic pocket.




Gem Identification Report (Standard)

Gem Identification Report indicates result of test, weight of the stone, proportion, hologram sticker, photograph of the stone, and other important description of the stone. The test will be done by at least 3 gemologist.

Gem Identification Report With The Country of The Origin

Gem Identification Report indicates result of test, weight of the stone, proportion, photograph of the stones, hologram sticker, and other important description of the stone including the country of origin ( Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald only)


Diamond Grading Report

The report indicates result of test, weight of the diamond, quality of the diamond according to the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat)