Name : Candra Wijaya, Badminton Athletes, 36 years old
Testimonial :
My family and I have being AGL customer for years. Service, experience, and strong commitment to integrity makes AGL is able to attract the trust of customers and makes AGL customers comfortable and satisfied.
Name : Otto William Halim, Director, 27 years old, Diamond Grading Class
Testimonial :
There is value as beautiful with the beauty of precious stones, namely the value of a authenticity. Indonesia was very fortunate to have an independent gem laboratory that upholds the values of authenticity and integrity in this field. Adamas Gemology Laboratory, or better known as AGL in professional circles as well as lovers of precious stones. As one of AGL`s commitment to improve knowledge in this field, AGL also formed Institute Gemology Paramita (IGP) that also a place where I learned step by step deeper into this beautiful nature’s work and had the opportunity to be taught by the maestros in the field of precious stones. Thank you AGL and IGP. Gem lovers come and go, but there`s only one place where we can find the true value quality of authenticity.
Name : Siti Rahaju Sari Resmi, 41 years old, Gemologist
Testimonial :
1. AGL is one of the well-equipped Gemological laboratories in Indonesia and operated by professional gemologists who has been internationally accredited and experienced in their field for many years.
2. Process of memo and certificate making is very accurate and the results can be obtained quickly and at reasonable costs.
3. Service from the friendly staff and AGL supported by a good and comfortable place also.
4. Excellent consumer’s data base that easier consumer to return for the next memo or certification.
5. Result are available in varied & comprehensive checks, ranging from colorstones memo, colorstones certificate, diamond memo and diamond certificate.
Name : Yangpi
Testimonial :
I’m choosing AGL because AGL is the only Laboratory that meets the international gemstone standard and have professional worker, the results are more accurate, especially for people who want to know the gemstones origin.